CraftMore Cedar Garland 6'


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Product Overview

Garlands can be used many ways in decorating your home. You can use them on your table as a centerpiece or instead of a table runner. Use them around your door, put on your banisters and handrails, or decorate your porch. You can also use them on your mantle. No matter what you are looking to decorate a CraftMore garland can help. Garlands make a great base for your seasonal decorations. You can personalize them up by adding picks or stems to them. Dress them up with bows or ribbon. If using on a mantle or table, add small trees or decor lanterns to give a completed look to the decorations. For best results with your CraftMore garland, fluff the garland. It will come looking a little sad after the journey to your home. Spend the time to carefully remove the garland from the packaging and straighten out the base and leaves. Spread the leaves to give a fuller look. With a little love, your garland will look amazing.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review